Submission Procedure


I. Send your submission to We are usually able to respond to your email soon after we receive it, if you don’t hear back after a day or two, please re-send your email. We will always respond to emails, regardless of whether or not we are able to release the submission. Be sure to label your email with your project/band name and EP/album title. Also, while the label can provide album descriptions, please send at least a short album description in the email. Finally, be sure to include your band/project site and/or Bandcamp/etc in your email as well so we can link to it in the finished release.
II. Please send your music files (and graphic files) in a single .zip file through WeTransfer. DO NOT directly attach files to the email.
III. Argali Records Netlabel does not release singles at the moment, only EPs and full-length releases. Audio files need to conform to the Bandcamp upload standards (.WAV/FLAC, 44.1 KHz). Please DO NOT send us .mp3 format for us to convert, please encode them to a lossless format on your end.
IV. While the label can provide album graphics for you if required, if you have graphics you would like us to use for your EP/album, please include a 1500×1500 pixel .jpeg or similar graphic in your .zip file.
V. We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason. This will hopefully never be an issue, but for various reasons, this disclaimer needed to be added. Also, be sure to follow the submission guidelines, as they have been designed to lessen the time it takes between receiving a submission and releasing it. We cannot guarantee a response if the guidelines are not followed (this mainly happens when people send in .mp3s instead of lossless, such as .WAV etc).
VI. Compilations usually have submission procedures listed on their announcement page(s), but the procedure is basically the same in that they need to conform to Bandcamp upload standards. Also, most of the compilations have a time limit for tracks from one to ten minutes, although this can vary from compilation to compilation, so please refer to the compilation announcement page for more details regarding this.
VII. Argali Records Netlabel is, basically, an experimental electronica label, although we have several releases of post-rock, drone, ambient, and experimental cut-up, with several other genres represented in the compilations. The ONLY genre we will automatically reject is harsh wall noise (although on occasion these will be allowed on compilations). Also, Argali Records Netlabel is mainly a non-political/non-ideological label at present, so please keep that in mind when submitting EPs/albums/tracks.
VIII. Finally, thank you all very much for the interest/consideration/support. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU.


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